It is not our intention to have very frequent litters. Our main purpose is to pass on Nala's beauty and great temperament. We intend to make our choices deliberately, and to not strain our dogs and family. It is very important for us to pursue this with love for our dogs and the breed, and consideration for the joy of future owners. We are lucky to have great contacts and the possibility to collaborate with people who feel the same about breeding, in order to add something to our beloved breed.


This also means we will carefully select future owners of our dogs

  • We expect our dogs, like they do at our home, to live indoor, together with the family they are part of
  • We are looking for responsible owners, who understand our breed needs to be freed of its undeserved bad reputation, and that we can only obtain that by being examplary dog owners.


Of course we will breed according to the national standards, set by ASTCH, en will give particular attention to good temperament en health in dogs we use for our breeding. One of the reasons for chosing this breed has been their good health. It is therefore logical that, as owners and breeders, we want to preserve that quality. Our dogs therefore get regular health checks and are officially health tested before use in breeding. Of course we expect any studdog used, or female offered for breeding with our males, to be tested and meet our standards. Tests include ataxia, hip and elbow displasy and heart. Before any breeding we check blood and urine for good functioning of liver and kidneys and for general health condition.

We are therefore extremely proud that our first litter accounts for six beautiful, structurally well build and healthy dogs. But even more we are proud of there great character and the way they have won the hearts of their new owners. Also the easy way in which we've been able to find great families for all of the puppies has strenghtened our faith in our approach and choices. Fortunately we can follow their development through our contact with the new owners.


Meanwhile this first litter starts to bear it's own fruits, and between litters of daughters Ching (Mountaingarden Drops of Jupiter) and Sugar (Mountaingarden Kiss from a Rose) and breedings by Panda (Mountaingarden Lets Get Loud) and Simba (Mountaingarden Can't Touch This) Nala now has 40 grand children.