2011-04-16 Antwerpen-010


Pedigree name: MountainGarden Can't Touch This                

Given name: Simba

Date of birth: 1 december 2008

Height: 51 cm (20.1 inches)

Weight: 36 kg (79 pounds) 

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  • German Champion
  • Belgian Champion
  • International Champion
  • Belgian Winner 2011 and 2012
  • Brussels Winner 2011
  • 1 x CAC Austria
  • 3 x CAC Netherlands
  • 2 x RCAC Austria
  • 2 x RCAC Netherlands
  • 3 x BOB
  • 3 x BOS
  • 4 x Reserve Best male



Frozen seamen available


Simba is available as stud for suitable quality females. 
(Seamen last checked 28 march 2013 and of excellent quality) 

Simba a lovely laid back guy. He is very affectionate, mischievous in a funny way, and preferable always close to us.

He is social with most dogs and if he does not like them, he'll let them know and walk away. Simba has a very impressive presence and that is all it takes when needed. From his birth he has never felt the need to bite another dog. 
He can be hanging around lazy, loves sunbathing on a nice day, but he also has a lot of drive and loves to work out and play together. Curious and energetic as he can be he'll forget his surrounding when we're busy, whether that's agility activities, Frisbee or playing with a ball.
He's a real eye catcher and center of attention, especially with girls and women (he is of course after all half Italian and a real lady-killer).

Simba's genotype is BB/EMEM/CC/kyky/ayay/Dd (black pigmentation/homozygous for black mask/homozygous for solid color/homozygous for non-solid black/homozygous sable/Not diluted, carriers dilution)

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